Three Junes
by Julia Glass

three junesThe lives of a Scottish family over three separate Junes spanning ten years—as they confront the joys and longings, fulfillments and betrayals of love.

Opening paragraphs:  Paul chose Greece for its predictable whiteness: the blanching heat by day, the rush of stars at night, the glint of the lime-washed houses crowding its coast. Blinding, searing, somnolent, fossilized Greece.

Joining a tour—that was the gamble, because Paul is not a gregarious sort. He dreads fund-raisers and drinks parties, all occasions at which he must give an account of himself to people he will never see again. Yet there are advantages to the company of strangers. You can tell them whatever you please: no lies perhaps, but no affecting truths. . . .

Quotes from critics:  “Enormously accomplished….rich, absorbing, and full of life.” (The New Yorker); “Gorgeous. . .The Three Junes goes after the big issues without a trace of fustiness and gives us a memorable hero.” (Los Angeles Times); “Sophisticated . . . Engrossing . . . Catches the surprising twists and turns in family relationships, amid love, loss, hope and regret.”(Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Bio:  Born in 1956, Julia Glass intended to be a painter.  For many years, she painted in a small studio in Brooklyn, supporting herself as a free-lance editor.  At the age of 46, she wrote The Three Junes—without a contract or a steady job.  Her debut novel has been followed by four more books.

Award:  National Book award

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