Thank You for Smoking
by Christopher Buckley

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Wicked satire about tobacco lobbyist in contemporary Washington DC. (Warning:  dark humor and sex)

Opening paragraph:  Nick Naylor had been called many things since becoming chief spokesman for the Academy of Tobacco Studies. But until now no one had actually compared him to Satan.” They might as well have, though. “Gucci Goebbels,” “yuppie Mephistopheles,” and “death merchant” are just a few endearments Naylor has earned himself as the tobacco lobby’s premier spin doctor. The hero of Thank You for Smoking does of course have his fans. His arguments against the neo-puritanical antismoking trends of the ’90s have made him a repeat guest on Larry King, and the granddaddy of Winston-Salem wants him to be the anointed heir. Still, his newfound notoriety has unleashed a deluge of death threats.

Quotes from critics: “One of the funniest writers in the English language.” (author Tom Wolfe); “The quintessential political novelist of our time.  (Fortune); “One of the best and surest political humorists in America.” (Los Angeles Times Book Review); “The superior goofball plot, raffish cast and zany sex scenes make this the funniest of Buckley’s books.” (Time)

Bio:  Christopher Buckley (1952-) is an American political satirist and novelist.  He is the liberal son of conservative William F. Buckley.  He has served as the managing editor Esquire Magazine, presidential speechwriter, columnist, and founding editor of Forbes FYI magazine.  He has written nine satirical novels, which of which have been made into films; a memoir; and two travelogues.

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