Spy Mom
by Beth McMullen

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 2.35.30 PMSilly mysteries about Sally Sin, a former high-powered spy, now stay-at-home mom, who gets called back into action and has to fulfill both roles at once.

Typical paragraph:  My name is Lucy Parks Hamilton and in addition to being paranoid, unshowered, emotionally detached, and a liar, I am also a stay-at-home mom.  Ten years ago, I would have met the idea that I would be going on playdates and walking around with streaks of snot on my shoulder with absolute indignation.  Nowadays it’s possible for me to wear the same pair of jeans for seven days in a row and not get too worked up about it.

Quotes from critics: “Fresh and utterly readable” (USA Today); “Funny, fast-paced, and compulsively readable, Spy Mom offers two action-packed adventures for mothers and spies, and anyone who has ever dreamed about being either.” (amazon.com)

Bio:  Beth McMullen is a stay-at-home mom and writer who lives in Northern California.  According to her website, she “used to have a normal life.  Until she had kids.  Then everything changed.”  And that’s all I can find out about her.