Skinny Dip
by Carl Hiaasen

HiaasenScreen shot 2013-03-01 at 2.59.10 PMWill Joey Perrone survive being tossed overboard by her bribe-taking biologist husband and get revenge on/ his thwart his scam to pollute the Everglades?  (Warning: dark humor, language, and satire)

Opening paragraphs:  At the stroke of eleven on a cool April night, a woman named Joey Perrone went overboard from a luxury deck of the cruise line M.V. Sun Duchess.  Plunging toward the dark Atlantic, Joey was too dumbfounded to panic.

I married an asshole, she thought, knifing headfirst into the waves.

Quotes from critics:  “America’s finest satirical novelist…the blazing conscience of the Sunshine State” (The Observer); “Carl Hiaasen [is] a superb national satirist. . . .A great American writer about the great American subjects of ambition, greed, vanity, and disappointment.” (Entertainment Weekly); “Carl Hiaasen is a lot like Evelyn Waugh.  Both simmer with rage, both are consumed with the same overwhelming vision . . . [Both] write the funniest English of this century.”  (The Washington Post Book World)

Bio:  According to his website, “Carl Hiaasen was born and raised in Florida, where he still lives with his incredibly tolerant family and numerous personal demons.”  He is writes a column for The Miami Herald, “which at one time or another has pissed off just about everybody in South Florida, including his own bosses.”  He has written 14 novels for adults; four for children; and four books of nonfiction, including Team Rodent:  How Disney Devours the World.