Amusing Mysteries

  1. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
    by Alan Bradley

    Eleven-year-old Lavia de Luce, a precocious aspiring chemist, solves the murders in this series set in an English village in the early 1950’s. Typical paragraph:  [Upon finding a dead man in the cucumber patch] “I wish I could say I was afraid, but I wasn’t.  Quite the contrary.  This was by far the most interesting thing that had ever happened to me in my life.” Quotes from critics:  “Devilishly clever, wickedly amusing . . . delightful, original book” (author Carolyn

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  2. The Stephanie Plum series
    by Janet Evanovich

    Any of the 20+ funny novels in the series, all with a number in the title, about bounty-hunter Stephanie Plum and the loveable characters who surround her. Typical opening paragraph (from To the Nines):  My name is Stephanie Plum and I was born and raised in the Chambersburg section of Trenton, where the top male activities are scarfing pastry and pork rinds and growing love handles.  The pastry and pork rinds scarfing I’ve seen first hand.  The love handles growing

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  3. Spy Mom
    by Beth McMullen

    Silly mysteries about Sally Sin, a former high-powered spy, now stay-at-home mom, who gets called back into action and has to fulfill both roles at once. Typical paragraph:  My name is Lucy Parks Hamilton and in addition to being paranoid, unshowered, emotionally detached, and a liar, I am also a stay-at-home mom.  Ten years ago, I would have met the idea that I would be going on playdates and walking around with streaks of snot on my shoulder with absolute

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  4. The Lord Peter Wimsey series
    by Dorothy Sayers

    Any of the 14 books in the series about an aristocratic amateur sleuth who solves mysteries in England between the world wars.  Opening paragraph (from Gaudy Nights):  Harriet Van sat at her writing-table and stared out into Mecklenburg Square.  The late tulips made a brave show in the Square garden, and a quartet of early tennis-players were energetically calling the score of a rather erratic and unpracticed game.  But Harriet saw neither the tulips non tennis-players.  A letter lay open

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  5. Bubbles Yablonsky series
    by Sarah Strohmeyer

    Curvaceous, seemingly ditsy hairdresser successfully investigates murders.  Opening paragraphs:  For most of my adult life, people in this town have passed me over as just another dumb blonde fascinated by sex, soap -operas and gossip. My name, Bubbles Yablonsky, doesn’t help matters any. Nor does the fact that my profession is hairdressing, my body resembles a Barbie doll’s and my fashion weaknesses are hot pants and tube tops. Okay. So, I might not appear to be the brightest bulb in the vanity, but

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