Bubbles Yablonsky series
by Sarah Strohmeyer

Shrohmeyer.BubblesCurvaceous, seemingly ditsy hairdresser successfully investigates murders. 

Opening paragraphs:  For most of my adult life, people in this town have passed me over as just another dumb blonde fascinated by sex, soap -operas and gossip. My name, Bubbles Yablonsky, doesn’t help matters any. Nor does the fact that my profession is hairdressing, my body resembles a Barbie doll’s and my fashion weaknesses are hot pants and tube tops.

Okay. So, I might not appear to be the brightest bulb in the vanity, but I know something even the police don’t know. I know what really happened to Laura Buchman. Or, at least I think I do.

Quotes from critics:  “A breezy and funny mystery with a heroine who dresses like a Barbie doll and kicks ass like a marine.” (author Sparkle Hayter); “Meet Bubbles Yablonsky, beautician-reporter-sleuth and blazing star of Strohmeyer’s entertaining, establishment-bashing debut.” (Publishers Weekly);“There is a riotous world waiting in these pages.” (The Houston Chronicle) 

Bio:  Sarah Strohmeyer, author of over 14 books, was a newspaper reporter for 20 years before she wrote the cult hit Barbie Unbound: A Parody of the Barbie Obsession, followed by the Bubbles series and other books.  She lives in Vermont with her family and “the love of her life,” a basset hound named Fred.