What is a Delightful Read?

Delightful Reads are intelligent, well-written, well plotted, with believable characters. They hit that sweet spot between being too superficial and too difficult.

  • Not too superficial: that is, not badly written, improbable plots, or static characters


  • Not too pedantic:  that is, not overly-intellectual, impenetrable, or a struggle to read



Delightful Reads fall into two categories. They may be . . .

  • Light: amusing, happy ending, and entertaining, such as:
  • Serious: thought-provoking, more serious subjects, with more complex plots and characters, such as:


Who is Mary?

  • The voice behind Delightful Reads is Mary, who has read about a hillion jillion books in search of the few gems she has deemed Delightful.
  • Besides being an incorrigible reader (about four books a week), she is a teacher (for over 30 years), an introvert passing for an extrovert, and a traveler (almost 50 countries).